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video | 002

[Action | Mid-afternoon]

[ Nothing to see here.

Just a man with silver hair darkened by rust-colored flecks walking through the middle of town from the underground tunnels in fatigues soaked through in some places with blood. He's got a dirty-looking bandage wrapped around his left arm, a slowly spreading red spot eating its way across the gauze surface. He walks like a man who hasn't slept in days -- shoulders slumped, each step weighted. But even despite the apparent exhaustion, he still attempts to make it look more like a lazy stroll than a tired march back to the apartment he'd claimed as his own in Building 1.

Assuming it's even still called Building 1, and his apartment hasn't been taken over by a new resident, anyway. He's been gone for a while, after all.

Two months is a long time to be on a combat mission, but not anything Kakashi isn't used to. Coming back to Luceti after a mission instead of Konoha, though -- that's new.

On the way back to Building 1 Flame Building, Kakashi stops by the Convenience Store for some more bandages, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic ointment, a needle and thread, some pain killers, and a few packages of instant ramen. ]

[ Video | Night ]

[ Kakashi's looking a little better than he did earlier in the day. First aid, food, a hot shower, a fresh change of clothes, and a nice, long nap does wonders. ]


[ Have a two-finger wave. ]

I'm back. Did I miss anything exciting?
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[Guess who else happens to be in that Convenience Store.


Kushina herself is in the ramen aisle (unable to help herself) and picking through flavors, looking for any leftover salt ramen, when she hears the sound of steps approaching her. She looks up and straightens from surprise, eyes wide.]


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[He looks the part, it's true. Kushina's surprise is replaced with concern and a bit of frustration. Her eyes lock onto that bandage and the blood that's blooming there. He might be well and old enough to take care of himself, but she can't help but picture a young boy as she looks at him.

The ramen is forgotten and she takes his arm into her hands, being gentle despite her stormy expression. It's not directed at him though, at least not explicitly.

That box he tucked in his basket? She pulls it out and reads the label. Good.]

Yeah, I'd say. [Not as long as some missions back in Konoha during war, but still a long time by Luceti's standards.

And she moves to lead him through the aisle to the front of the store with a hand on his elbow and the other keeping his injured arm elevated. Her tone takes on something a bit softer when she tells him;]

Wait here, okay? Keep your arm like this.

[And off she goes into the store again. It's not long before she's back, cradling everything else he needs that he didn't get. Including lots of ramen of every flavor.]

What happened?
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[It's a good thing her cheek isn't swollen from Vegeta's punch anymore.

Of course he did. The amusement there in Kakashi's eye is reflected in Kushina's small smile for a moment because of Minato's care.]

He should worry about himself.

[Especially if Kakashi is coming back like this.

While Kakashi had just explained it off as a mission, and she knew how dangerous missions could be in Konoha, that didn't mean she was particularly pleased someone she cared about was coming back like this from because it was assigned by the Malnosso. Even if Minato ordered it behind it all.

She doesn't ask if he wants to come to their house when she takes him by the elbow again and starts leading him to the Uzumaki home, eyeing the blood on his bandage.]

Did he tell you I wasn't happy he was ordering you to go off on missions for those assholes? And then telling me he was going off himself at the last second?

[Even though it's pretty obvious.]
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[Kushina remains silent. It's pretty much the exact reasoning Minato had given her when she had been angry he had been keeping the secret of his mission from her until it was time to leave.

It's not like life as shinobi was any less dangerous when everyone had been living in Konoha. In fact, it was probably more so. Kakashi had only come back with a scratch compared to what she was used to seeing. Sometimes, people didn't come back at all.

Maybe that's why she's overdoing it a bit in taking Kakashi back home to dress his wound for him. Luceti was already looking like another warzone.]

Both of you could have at least told me ahead of time if you two were planning something like this. You can't expect me to be happy when Minato would probably be just as upset about me going off on a mission like this without telling him or anyone I cared about.
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[Mumbled to herself with a furrowed brow;]

He was Minato before he was the Hokage.

[She's still not happy, even with Kakashi defending his sensei but she's not stopping from taking him to their house either to properly care for him.]

At least you're back. I'm sure you got plenty of information too for Minato.