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video | 001

[ Well, it seems he's got the basics down.

This isn't the afterlife, even if Kakashi's not entirely sure if he's actually still alive. And the wings don't do anything other than serve a mostly ornamental purpose. Which, in his book, means that they're completely useless and have about as much function as a second belly-button or a third nipple. Either way, they're itchy and uncomfortable and he had to cut holes in his flak vest so they weren't crushed against his body. A flak vest that was kindly delivered to him by his sensei, along with the rest of his gear. (He's only too relieved that it wasn't Naruto or Sakura or someone else who came across him when he was still in that relative state of undress -- what, without the mask and all.)

So here he is, fully dressed, with his journal-cum-communication device in his hand, flipped on. He supposes he should say hello this way since it would be easier to do this than to hunt down every shinobi of Konoha individually. It probably would also be useful for him to introduce himself to the rest of the network as well.

He's sitting on a tree stump while Minato goes off to do something IDEK ok and has his signature I Am Bored expression on his face. Or rather, lack of expression.

The edges of his wings, silver and tipped in black, flutter slightly. ]

Ah, is this thing on?

[ He brings the camera a little closer then, to make sure it's properly capturing him. Once he's sure, he raises a hand in something of a wave.

This is starting to feel like some sort of speed dating thing, minus the actual person sitting in front of him. Not that he's ever actually done speed dating, but he assumes that's how it'd work. ]

Yo. My name is Hatake Kakashi. I'm a shinobi by trade.

[ What does one say in introductions? Likes, dislikes, dreams, and hobbies? Ah, he supposes he can do that. ]

I'm not the kind of guy who talks about his likes and dislikes... My dreams are...hmm.... [ a beat ] none of your business. And I have many hobbies. None of which I want to tell you.

[ Another beat. ]

Any questions?
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[After successfully locating all of Kakashi's things that he found lying around the village, Minato brings Kakashi home. He still can't believe how tall his student has gotten and he knows Kushina will have the same surprise. Even when he's a grown man, it still feels like he's nursing the young boy he knew all the years of his student's life.

Probably what he told Gai in Neji's party is really true. Once a sensei, always a sensei.]

Kushina, I'm home. [And it was a quick journey too, thanks to his hiraishin.] I brought with me a guest. [Nope, he's not going to tell who he is right off the bat. Let her see if she's going to recognize him. Minato beckons for Kakashi to enter with a smile like Go on, Kushina's waiting.]
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[The first glimpse of Minato's wife, of Kushina, that Kakashi gets is of her head peeking around the corner. Once she sees someone really is with him, she quickly disappears with a low oath. No matter how much she wants to ask Minato what the hell he was thinking.

Instead, she dusts the flour off her clothes and tucks her apron away, making a bit of noise in the kitchen.]

Be right there!

[YOU ARE GETTING A TALKING TO LATER, MINATO. It's one thing for Naruto to have random girlfriends over it's another to have you invite guests without even giving her a heads up. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

But she finally exits and walks out to greet their guest for the evening.

Only to go completely still with shock once she finally gets a good look at who it is. Before she had just caught a small one, not enough for recognition to set in. Even now with him in front of her, she doesn't believe it.

He's too BIG. A hand raises to her heart, as if afraid it might give out in shock.]

... Kakashi?
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[He's a lot more polite than she remembers. The same could be said when you compared a newly arrived Kushina at Konoha to the woman she was now.

But Kushina's heart is still the same.

Any previous politeness that had been present when Minato first brought his 'guest' in, any etiquette she had learned over the years, any reservations and mental preparations to hold her tongue crumbles when he says her name. No mistaking it -- that white hair and mask he's been wearing for a long time now. Kushina closes the distance.


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[She practically raised him. More than she raised Naruto and that fact doesn't escape her. That's why sometimes Naruto is a stranger to her and there's always a pain in her heart when she realizes it.

But seeing Kakashi, a boy she helped and was around and certainly hugged a lot, lifts a weight from her shoulders she didn't know was there.

It's just as tight and warm and big as he remembers too, only her arms can't get around him as well as they used to to keep him from squirming away. It's that, that makes her pull back and look up at him.

Looking up at Kakashi.]

Well. You sure grew up.

[He gets probably one of the brightest smiles she can muster too.]
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[She didn't ask. Maybe there was a reason for that because all she can do is stare. He's older than her now. By a few years.]

No, you're not. You were just--

[She cuts herself off. Sixteen years has gone by that she missed; Naruto growing up, Kakashi getting older. He could very well be thirty, easily. That bright smile pulls down into a frown and she stares at the ground before she leads the two of them inside the house more instead so they don't have to stand around.

She's back to smiling when she looks up, waving him in.]

Come inside already, Mr. Thirty.
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[The display that transpired in front of him was a reunion he never thought possible, inasmuch as his own reunion with Kakashi earlier was something he never thought would happen after he breathed his last. And for that, Minato's happy. He knows that this happiness mirrors Kushina's and why shouldn't it? They practically raised him even if they had to leave him early.

As Kushina beckons them and calls him with that nickname, Minato chuckles.]

We might as well call him "Kakashi-san" now, Kushina. [Teasing teasing. He'll place a hand on Kakashi's shoulder but really, he's so tall now.]
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I guess he's not really Little Kakashi-kun anymore either.

[Kushina continues on the teasing as she leads them into the kitchen where a table stands with a little teapot in the center, beside that a vase full of red roses Minato had given to her this morning.

And don't mind the cooking mess over off to the side, that's normal for Kushina. Who knows what concoction she's making now though.

She's quick to pull out cups, her manners getting better over the years, and pour them each something to drink which happens to be the tea in the pot yay.]
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It makes you wonder what we should call him.

[Minato toes off his shoes too when he decides to enter their house fully. He's still beckoning his student further into the house with a smile. Their house is quaint and smells of Kushina's cooking, almost similar to their house before they left the world of the living.

Once they reach the kitchen, Minato takes his seat, also gesturing for Kakashi to sit down with him.]
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[Minato gets his own cup of tea too, but he takes a satisfying sip instead. As he puts down the cup, he glances at Kushina with a wide smile.]

What do you think, Kushina?

[He's also teasing, but he's having a field day today. It's just that it's really been a while since he has Kakashi with him like this, so he grabs the opportunity.]
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>[She's busy looking Kakashi over and wondering how such a little boy could grow so much when she jolts a bit at being addressed.]


[Oh, nicknames. She wasn't an entirely HUGE fan of them since 'Tomato' (Red Hot-Blooded Habanero was fine) but sometimes they just fit the person better than an actual name.]


[He was Little Kakashi-kun before so maybe Big Kakashi?

No, not nearly as cute.

She places her chin in her palm and spins her cup on the table slowly.]

I can't think of any. It's still weird seeing him so grown up. And you're thirty...
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[Naruto will be so jealous.

Kushina tries not to stare but she is, a bit openly, as he reveals his face. He's different, not just physically either. Whatever reason he wore the mask when he was younger seems to have died off a little as he got older. He was always so nit-picky about it.

Now he's just tugging it off so he can drink her tea.

She notices the scars, it sobers her and she looks away with a furrowed brow. She doesn't want to know Little Kakashi has seen his side of battle as much as anybody else. Maybe more.]

Yeah, it will. [Not just how old he is either.] You're even older than Minato and I.

[She tries to smile, looking at him again, but the size of it squints her eyes shut.]
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The more gray hair you get?

[But she looks a bit pointedly at his mop of silver, grinning to herself.

She's comfortable. Kakashi's face doesn't bother so much that it's weird for her but that it's a man's face and not the young boy.

In the same way Naruto is a grown young man and not a newborn baby that needed to be protected. This Naruto still did, but not in the same way and he wasn't as helpless (or innocent thanks to his sexy jutsu)]
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It means you'll age well. Like most Uzumaki.

[Part of the family, Kakashi. Part of the family.]
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[A small pause.]

Hmmm, you need red hair.

I could give you some of mine.

[She won't but she says it because Minato is obsessed with it.]

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